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Advantage Tree Service - Your locally owned and operated tree service!

If you are looking for a kind, courteous, and professional tree service, then look no further. We pride ourselves in the high quality of our work and customer service. If you have questions, we will always be there to answer the phone to help you. Making sure our customers are satisfied is our top priority.

Safety is another major focus at ATS. We are fully insured to give you peace of mind. 24 hour emergency services are also available to serve you.

Proudly serving the greater Hudsonville, Jenison, Grand Rapids and Holland areas.

Winter Projects

Winter is a great time for us to catch up on maintaining our equipment and improving our fleet. Here is a look at a project we did over the winter to help improve our service this coming year!

Our Mill

Advantage Tree Service is currently milling wood in small quantities for select customers. Please inquire if you have any interest in our milling process or project pricing.  Watch for updates as we expand our available services and inventory.

Check out our mill in action on our Facebook.

Storm Damage Recap

After a large storm, people seem to be curious about how much we enjoy the extra work that nature has created for us. Our response is always that we are happy to help, but take no pleasure in witnessing the damage and inconvenience that people go through. Those times are always challenging as the volume of homeowners and businesses seeking immediate attention tends to grow so high that the supply can't meet the demand for service. For our customers patiently waiting, it unfortunately pushes many projects that do not require immediate attention back. So our response is loaded, as we always want to try to help as many people as we can, but sometimes we can't get to everyone in need. With that being said, we appreciate our customers understanding that prioritizing safety over convenience is sometimes the reality of the situation.        

Time Flies!

Winter is always a nice time to reflect and catch up with our website. We'd love to post and share with you all of the time, but the reality is that we are a small business trying to get done as much work as humanly possible. Advantage Tree Service works year round to help keep builders building, excavators moving dirt, landscapers completing projects and homeowners' property and investments safe. The honest truth is that sometimes there is just not enough time (or energy) in a day. Today is not one of those days. Here is a look at some photos from the past year, or so that we've collected.    

Football Weather!

The days are getting shorter as summer comes to an end. We're sure you're already super excited about the idea of snow... Or not. Before we get there, let's not forget about tightening up before fall hits! It's time to get that fall trimming scheduled! Contact us to ensure your trees are in top condition for the change in seasons.





Feed the Trees

The summer is off and running! We hope your lawn is looking very green and you've been enjoying grilling in the backyard.


Don't forget about your trees though! As homeowners, we spend a lot of time and money fertilizing our grass, without ever thinking about our trees. Call or email us today for a quick quote to protect and improve the health of your trees. They'll love you for it!

Spring is Here!

Spring means growth and Advantage Tree Service is growing. We are so proud to announce that we have added a few new faces, as well as some new equipment! We believe that this growth will help improve our flexibility and thus improve job efficiency. We look forward to serving you and yet another great season here in Michigan! Cheers!


The Bluff

This is a look at a job from the summer of 2015. We worked with a customer on the shore of Lake Michigan to create a view of the water without compromising the integrity of the property. The finished product was exactly what they were looking for.





The Climb...

Cranes and GoPros

A Look back at a job we did this past year. We removed few large trees behind this beautiful home (over the existing pool area). Gabe mounted his GoPro camera to his helmet and up the tree he went. Because of the height and weight of the tree we used a crane for this project. Check out some of the photos we captured...