Advantage Tree Service

Hudsonville, MI

Advantage Tree Service - Your locally owned and operated tree service!

If you are looking for a kind, courteous, and professional tree service, then look no further. We pride ourselves in the high quality of our work and customer service. If you have questions, we will always be there to answer the phone to help you. Making sure our customers are satisfied is our top priority.

Safety is another major focus at ATS. We are fully insured to give you peace of mind. 24 hour emergency services are also available to serve you.

Proudly serving the greater Hudsonville, Jenison, Grand Rapids and Holland areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you give me a quote without seeing the trees?

The short answer is no. Each project is unique and possess its own challenges. When we quote a project, we're looking at the whole scope of work. Not only does the type, size and condition of the tree matter, but also the obstacles around and the access to tree factors into how we approach pricing your quote. For an accurate assessment, we will want to see the property and get some information about your goals and expectations.

Do I have to meet you at the property for a quote?

No. As long as it is clear as to what trees we are looking to give you a quote for, then we can assess the scope of work and accurately  deliver you a proper quote.

Where can i find my quote?

We send our quotes to the email you provided us in the request form.  

How do I accept the quote you sent?

We prefer that you...

I accepted your quote, How long until you come and do the work?

When the quote is accepted we will give you a time frame for how long until we will start on your project. A few key factors work into our timing. Advantage Tree Service is in a constant battle with weather (working conditions/access to property/etc.) and other unpredictable occurrences (illness/equipment failure/etc.). We also have loyal clients that we work with year around to manage their projects and properties. In addition to all of those factors, storm damage happens and restoring safety for our community becomes a priority. The short answer is that Advantage Tree Service will try to stick to the time frame we have provided, but life happens. We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have a concern please contact us and we'll explain the situation

Advantage Tree Service is here! Do I have to be?

Once the quote is accepted (unless otherwise discussed) we will NOT need you to be at the property. We just need to be able to access the property/trees.   

...But I would like to be there while you work. Is there anything I should know?

We pride ourselves and having a respectful and kind staff. We highly respect your property and appreciate your business. We 100% do not mind spectators, BUT safety is extremely important. Tree work can be dangerous. Advantage Tree Service is a team. We have a pretty good idea of what each member of a ground crew is doing and where they are. We have orange helmet and work in this noisy environment daily. We do NOT always know where you are. Giving us space is key. If you allow us space to work we will feel more comfortable and work efficiently. 

What can I expect once the work is done?

It depends on what service we were providing. We try very hard to express that our crew will respect your property and treat it as if it were ours. We understand quality and would never leave a property in a poor condition. If you have questions about your specific project please contact us and we can discuss the process and what you can specifically expect from us.

The job is finished (and looks great), How do I pay you?

We prefer that you...

What is the best way to reach you if we had a question about our project?

We prefer that you...

How can I send you a testimonial/referral quote/feedback?

We always love hearing back from you! If you have and testimonial, photos or video that we can use on our site we like that too. If you have suggestions to make us better...Let's hear them.  Advantage Tree Service values your input and appreciates your thoughts.